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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Differences between Do follow and No follow Links for Onsite Optimization


How to Optimize Links On Your Websites for Search Engine Ranking 

Browsing on internet is about following links from one site to another, either from a search engine or a website or blog or even an email that has landed in our mail box.
If a website has no incoming or outgoing link, we can say its a stagnant, isolated site that is impossible to access or reach, its like a galaxy far away from our milky which do exists but isn't yet discovered by anyone.

In order to rank well online, get more traffic and business a website must be able to attract people through various incoming links followed by interested people. Most commercial websites and blogs keep working on website optimization, keeping there onsite and offsite optimization efforts up to date and continuously adding and removing links that become relevant or loose relevancy over time.

The incoming and outgoing links can be classified into two types depending on whether they allow search engines to share a part of there authority/rank with the linked site or not. Sharing such authority will add value to the destination site and remove a bit of it from the source site. So, nobody actually wants to share and dilute there rank and authority with other sites. (Although there is a reason to do show, which can help in some cases.)

10 Differences in Links for Onsite Optimization

Onsite Do-follow No-follow Optimization Differences
1. Do follow-links help a search engine spider or bot to traverse the web from one site to another while no follow links do help these bots or spiders to move any further i.e. a no-follow link acts as a dead end for search engine spiders and bots and thus they are not able to add any new link to their database.

2. A do-follow makes it easier for the spiders to move to next site and get that site indexed in their database, helping a site to improve its search engine visibility.

3. Most common inbound-links that we frequently come across are usually no follow links, i.e. they do not link directly to other websites.

4. Getting a no follow-link is easier and convenient as most websites and forums use a outbound no follow strategy, for the links that they readily approve.

5. A do-follow isn't always easy to get. Most sites do not approve an outbound do-follow to any other site without a reason.

6. Although inbound do-follow do help a website to improve its ranking and authority, a no follow is not a total waste, even a no follow link can bring a lot of visitors or buyers which make sense.

7. When a site links to another website with a do follow, it actually shares its authority with that site which is also known as link juice flow.

8.In order to maintain the authority and ranking of a webpage it should limit its outbound do follow links to only a few relevant sites.

9. Most SEO agencies and internet marketing companies maintain a list of follow and no-follow websites and use them as per there linking strategy.

10. Most High traffic websites use a outbound nofollow strategy while some social media sites use a dofollow strategy. Most part of an off-page SEO involves getting back links to improve search engine ranking. Both do follow or no follow links, helps to improve website traffic, one leads only visitors while the other helps in a number of ways, most webmasters and online business try to get a do-follow-link but even a no follow isn't useless.


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